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Doppelganger per Websters a doppelganger is "an apparitional double or counterpart of  a living person"

Now if you are like me and think of our Club as a living person, then the Hilltoppers Square Dance Club of Iserlohn, Germany is our Doppelganger. In fact I find there are several Hilltoppers Doppelgangers out there.

1) Hilltoppers Iserlohn Club of Iserlohn, Germany
[Please open above link in a new window for youtube video]
2) The Roan Mountain Hilltoppers of Saxapahaw, NC
3) Hilltoppers Square Dance Club of Greater St Louis
4) Parishville Hilltoppers in upstate New York

I suspect they're are many more Hilltoppers Square Dance Clubs out there. My Challenge, 'How many Hilltoppers Square Dance Clubs can you find.'

For now we're concentrating on Hilltoppers Iserlohn - See Mr. Hilltoppers Great Interviews below.


Each year I have tried to include an out-of-country, fun, Square Dance Convention. For 2018 we are including the:
Canadian National Square and Round Dance Convention
London, Canada
July 19-21, 2018

We have yet to personally take one of our out-of-country suggestions but we have gone to dances in England and New Zealand. We had a ball both

See below for additional information on the Hilltoppers of Iserlon, Germany another highly recommend a 'foreign experience'. 

Square Dancers are just plain friendly all over the world!

Have a good time Dancing!

Jan and Lowell

Birthdays and Anniversaries

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We are delveoping a new smartphone friendly website. Parties and Social will be replaced at that time.

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Nova Development Art Explosion

Club News Letter

Guess what, the Hilltoppers Family Square Dance Club has a Doppelganger!

Really, the Hilltoppers' Doppelganger is in Iserlohn, Germany

German English


bei dem Square Dance Club

Hilltoppers - Iserlohn


at the Square Dance Club

Hilltoppers - Iserlohn



Der Club wurde 1984 gegründet und zählt gegenwärtig 40 aktive Mitglieder. Einmal in der Woche am Dienstag, treffen wir uns zum Tanzen, aber darüber hinaus gibt es noch jede Menge andere Aktivitäten wie Wochenendfahrten, Feste oder Besuche bei anderen Clubs. Eine Aufgabe die sich alle Square Dance Clubs gestellt haben, ist die Ausbildung von Anfängern. Wir wollen jeden Interessierten die Möglichkeit geben, den Spass, den wir haben, mit uns zu teilen. Über 200 Personen aus dem Raum Iserlohn haben bereits mit uns den Square Dance gelernt.

Translated Below
The club was founded in 1984 and presently has 40 active members. Once a week on Tuesday, we meet to dance, but also there are plenty of other activities such as weekend trips, parties and visits to other clubs. A task which have provided all the square dance clubs, is the training of beginners. We want anyone interested the opportunity to enjoy, we have to share with us. About 200 people from the area Iserlohn have already learned to square dance with us.

Iserlon is not too far from the Netherlands so this might be an interesting Summer vacation visit.    View Iserlohn information:  wikipedia_Iserlohn View Hilltoppers Iserlohn Club site: Hilltoppers Iserlohn Club

Yes, our counterpart has Summer Dancing.

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Nova Development Art Explosion

Great Interviews


Because of his vast knowledge of our club, collected over the last over 39+ years, we thought it again appropriate to interview Mr. Hilltopper.


Q: Mr. Hilltopper were you aware that our Club has a Doppelganger?

HT: Not until recently but I did some more checking on the Hilltoppers Iserlohn Club and found several interesting things I would like to show you.

Q: Such as?

HT: Well, after I translated several things from the Iserlohn web site. I found we had several things in common such as Christmas Parties, Special Dances, Guest callers - including an International Caller from the United States. You see after the Second World War and the fall of Hitler several of our GI's taught the Germans Square Dancing and we all became good friends. See [History - German Square Dance] for more information.

HT: Now I would like to share the translated version of  "What is Square Dancing" from the Hilltoppers Iserlohn , Germany web site.

What is Square Dancing?

Hot music from country & western to rock and pop and a lot of fun dancing with nice people - so you could put it in a nutshell.

In fact, the square dance is more than 200 years old and its tracks lead back to the early days of the settlement of America. Of the dances, which the immigrants brought with them from their home, several items were taken and mixed together. So that all could participate, the figures of a so-called Caller (Zurufer) were announced. In a Square (Square), four couples danced in constantly changing formations - and this principle is still the same.

The fascinating thing about the square dance is the variety - it is never boring. The dancers always follow the English instructions of the caller, where English is not absolutely necessary. His ingenuity to combine the figures again and again, is the charm of this vibrant dance form - no dancing alike.

The clothing

Of course part of the fun and the right clothes: for the ladies that is colorful dresses with sumptuous petticoats, for Men Western shirts with Bolo-Ties or colorful scarves, boots, belt with exciting buckles and so many accessory - but of course the imagination no limits.

The Association

Connected to the European Association of American Square Dancing Clubs ( EAASDC ) are now about 500 clubs (of which about 400 here in Germany), which ensure that "what's going on mighty" every weekend somewhere.

We dance in the Youth Centre of the city of Iserlohn
Karnacksweg 44
58636 Iserlohn

We are also including a picture of their Zurufer - Caller

Our world-best Caller Peter was in February 2012,
50 years young. A particular cause for celebration and dancing. Peter himself also so could dance with, gave us the honor of Astrid Heckmann and the evening is the Hilltoppers memorable.

HT: Next interview I will share several more of their narratives and pictures with you.

Q: Again, thank you for your time, we will look forward talking to you again.

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